A Shining Time - Volume Three,
Horse Soldiers, The Dragoons,
, with slightly damaged cover
by Ted Spring
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Covered in great detail are Washington's continental Army Dragoons, the U.S. Light Dragoons, the U.S. Mounted Rangers, and the U.S. regiments of our frontier Dragoon units. Soft cover, 8-1/2 x 11" format, 113 pages. This book makes a great color book for the child interested in history.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Text-Dragoons
  • Continental Light Dragoons
  • Colonial Horse Soldier
  • The Enlisted Men
  • Early Continental Dragoon
  • Continental Dragoons
  • Continental's Muskets
  • Flintlock Pistols
  • Powder Horns
  • Cartridge Box-Saddle Holsters
  • Continental Dragoon's Horse
  • Continental Saddles-Horse Gear
  • Continental Era Canteens
  • Continental Swords-Belts
  • Dragoon Head Wear
  • Continental Dragoon Uniform
  • U.S. Light Dragoons, War of 1812
  • Saddles Era War of 1812
  • U.S. Light Dragoon's Pistols
  • Sabres, Era War of 1812
  • U.S. Light Dragoons Uniforms
  • U.S. Mounted Rangers: Arms, Clothing, Guns, Gear
  • The U.S. Dragoons
  • Officer, Rgt. of Dragoons
  • 1833 Dragoon's Cap
  • Sergeant, U.S. Dragoons
  • Officer, U.S. Dragoons 1833
  • U.S. Dragoon's Insignia
  • U.S. Dragoon's Uniforms
  • Jefferson Boot-Ankle Boots
  • 1839 Forage Cap
  • U.S. Dragoon's Uniforms
  • Sabres, U.S. Dragoons
  • Pistols, U.S. Dragoons
  • Powder Flasks
  • Colt, Dragoon's Revolvers
  • Percussion Revolver Detail
  • Hall Breechloaders
  • 1847 Dragoon Carbine
  • Rgt. Mounted Riflemen
  • U.S. 2nd Regiment
  • Dragoon Insignia 1847
  • U.S. Dragoon's Knives
  • Dragoon's Saddles

Ted Spring's third volume in this series. This volume spans 75 years of the U.S. Cavalry, the golden age of the American Horse Soldier.
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