Antique European Fowling Gun,
.60 caliber smoothbore, 35-3/4" tapered octagon barrel,
flintlock, checkered walnut, brass trim
Part Number: AAV-062
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Price: $1,999.00
This antique European fowler appears to have Germanic origins. The walnut stock has a checkered wrist and scattered handling marks from decades of use. The left side of the buttstock displays well executed raised carving. The brass trim has developed a mellow patina, and the triggerguard is a modern replacement. The .60 caliber smoothbore is mostly bright, but does have scattered heavy pitting running its entire length. Trigger reach is 13-3/8 inches, weight is 6.8 pounds.

This fowler features a 35-3/4" tapered octagon barrel. The barrel's smooth bore measures .600" diameter, and is mostly bright, but does have some heavy scattered pitting visible its entire length. The barrel has been cold blued to a silvery gray finish. A small brass blade post front sight is dovetailed 2-1/4" behind the muzzle. No rear sight is installed on this fowler. The flared thumbnail tang of the breech plug has a single tang bolt that passes through the stock to engage the trigger plate below, and we note the bolt is a modern replacement. Two steel pins retain the barrel to the forearm.

Stocked in European walnut, finished with a reddish undertone, the stock has numerous pressure dents and scratches from a century of use, but no visible cracks. The wrist is neatly checkered and flows back to the Monte Carlo style comb line. The brass buttplate has a long rounded comb, and we note the buttplate stands proud of the stock due to wood shrinkage. The bottom view shows the rounded toe of the buttstock. The Brown Bess style triggerguard is a modern replacement and has been pinned to the stock. We note there is a plugged hole just to the left of the triggerguard on the bottom of the stock. The front of the triggerguard is fitted with a modern reproduction sling swivel. A forward reproduction sling swivel is mounted through the forearm and rests against the ramrod. No sling is included with this fowler. The wooden ramrod passes through two brass ramrod pipes and matching entry pipe with decorative skirt. The ramrod is a replacement and is fitted with a brass tip threaded to accept 8-32 cleaning and loading accessories. An ebony muzzle cap with raised lip is fitted to protect the end grain of the stock. The large raised oval cheek flows back from the comb line of the buttstock and provides a comfortable rest when aiming this fowler. The rear of the buttstock behind the cheek is decorated with well executed raised carving in a scroll pattern. The side panel is fitted with a brass sideplate mounted with brass screws. A single domed head lock bolt engages the lock on the opposite side.

The flintlock has been repaired with a modern replacement cock assembly, pan, frizzen and frizzen spring. The lock is polished bright with a speckled brown patina. Floral engraving is lightly visible behind the cock. We note the lock slightly hangs up when being manually lowered due to the sear just barely clearing a epoxy repair inside the lock mortise. A large bronze vent liner has been fitted to the barrel. The flash hole is perfectly centered over the pan, centered on the priming flash. The single trigger has a heavier than expected trigger pull.

This antique European fowler has been fitted with modern replacement parts. This fowler will look good hanging above the fireplace of your cabin or decorating the wall of your hunting lodge. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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