A Soldier-Like Way,
the Material Culture of the British Infantry 1751-1768
the French & Indian War era,
by R. R. Gale
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New, from Track of the Wolf, Inc. A Soldier-Like Way, the Material Culture of the British Infantry 1751-1768, the most comprehensive work on the British infantry material culture to date, brimming with exquisite full color photos of original artifacts and paintings. The story of the British infantry, their daily life, weapons, tools, food, and clothing is described in the soldier's own words, utilizing entries from original journals, orderly books, and official papers.

Though there is an emphasis on the soldiers fighting in the French & Indian War in America, this book covers the the entire British infantry, at home and abroad, in wartime and peacetime.

Chapters include:

Original artifacts are included from public and private collections throughout the United States, Britain, and Canada, including the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, The Royal Collection, Fort Ticonderoga, Fort Ligonier, Fort Pitt, Jummonville Glen, Fortress Louisbourg, and more.

The 8-1/2" by 11" horizontal format allows for 22" long spreads of original firearms and swords. Examples are shown of every major pattern of infantry musket used from 1751-1768, as well as a variety of other items such as: swords, pistols, fusils, halberds, cartridge pouches, belly boxes, bayonets & scabbards, musket tools, ball molds, powder horns, uniforms, gaitors, shoes, buttons, buckles, sewing tools, camp equipment, axes, shovels, tent pegs, eating utensils, haversacks, canteens, coins, medical devices, gorgets, medals, sashes, and much more!

Learn how the soldier's uniforms and accouterments were made, fit, marked, worn, and eventually discarded.

A special chapter on Scottish Highlanders shows their unique blend of English and Scottish uniforms and weapons.

This book includes the complete series of Grenadier paintings by Swiss painter David Morier, published for the first time in full color. This series of paintings, done in the early 1750s, depicts a Grenadier from every regiment of foot, from the 1st Guards, to the 49th Regiment. Also included in these paintings are images of daily camp life, campfollowers, and depictions of the musket drill. This series is vital to any research on the British infantry of the mid 18th century.

Several other drawings and paintings are included from the Royal Collection, Canadian Archives, and private collections.

A special chapter on Officers shows the unique uniforms and weapons worn and used by the officer corps, as well as the quality of life they lived.

"A Soldier-Like Way" is a must have for the French & Indian War and general mid 18th century historian, re-enactor, collector, and artist.

This new softbound volume has 144 pages, filled with large full color images, in wide 11" by 8-1/2" landscape format.

ISBN 978-0-9765797-2-4

"A Soldier-Like Way" is certainly one of the most exciting books covering military material culture to appear in decades"

Erik Goldstein
Curator of Mechanical Arts and Numismatics
The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

"A Soldier-Like Way" is truly a benchmark in military material culture research. It is a model for how military material culture studies should be approached today."

Christopher D. Fox
Curator of Collections
Fort Ticonderoga Museum

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