Short Starter, patch & ball starter, 7/16" hickory rod for .50 caliber.
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Known as a Short Starter or ball starter, use the small stud to bump the patch and ball into the muzzle, to engrave the rifling. Use the longer rod to start the ball, then use your ramrod. Use short strokes of your ramrod to seat the ball on the powder charge. Avoid grasping the ramrod high above the muzzle, which may flex the rod to the breaking point. Short strokes, about the length of the starter rod, will work perfectly.

Wipe the bore after each shot, including the first shot. A dirty bore may result in a stuck patch and ball, or a broken ramrod. A patched round ball slides smoothly down a clean bore. Modern synthetic patch lubricants (Wonder, 1000, Miracle) are very slippery, allowing reloading without wiping, but this is not good practice.

The maple ball is fitted with a short brass stud and a longer hickory rod with concave brass rod tip. Finished in hot linseed oil, with waterproof glue, the brass tips should give a lifetime of service.

The tip and rod are 7/16" diameter, to serve .50 caliber rifles.

Replaces TRESO 11-08-50 and 11-08-050.
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