patch grease,
for match shooting & cold weather hunting,
one 8 oz. tin
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Not a liquid, Mink Oil Tallow is actually a soft grease, the tallow rendered from mink fat. Also used as a leather balm, do not confuse our pure Mink Oil tallow with the synthetic blends sometimes sold at shoe stores as Mink Oil Brand leather waterproofing. They are entirely different!

Certain animal fats have far better lubricity than vegetable oils, petroleum, or synthetic lubricants. Best of all, they stay soft and useful in sub-zero temperatures. Many of the modern miracle-wonder lubes freeze solid at low temperatures, and become impossible to load.

Old time shooters prepared their own patch lubricants and bullet lubricants. Sperm Whale Oil was a favorite (now illegal). Bear Oil (rendered bear tallow) was another good choice (now restricted). Beef tallow works okay, in warm weather. Mink Oil is our best choice.

Trapper's Mink Oil is excellent quality, pure and clean with no aroma, and very slippery.

Black powder cartridge shooters may prefer to harden it with beeswax, but it works well as-is. Long range shooters report cleaner bores after several shots.

Yes, this paste can be used to soften, clean, and waterproof leather, but the cheap stuff works okay on leather. Use our best Mink Oil for lubricating patches, and for lubricating long range black powder rifle bullets.

Each tin of Mink Oil contains 8 fluid ounces. Each tin is 4" diameter, about 1-1/4" thick. Click ADD TO CART, and try it.
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