Cartridge Case,
.45-120 Sharps, 3-1/4",
unprimed brass,
each piece, no minimum order
Part Number: CASE-45-120
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Special Restrictions Apply
Not available for export outside the U.S.A.
Cartridge case, unprimed brass, .45-120 Sharps, also known as .45 3-1/4". This is the longest member of the .45-70 family of cartridge cases. Length is 3-1/4" to hold up to 120 grains of black powder.

Lyman Classic Dies have standard 7/8-14 threads, to fit most brands of reloading presses. This three die set includes Lyman's popular "M" neck expanding die, for easily seating cast bullets

A controversial cartridge, shooters either love it, or hate it. Chambered in Shiloh Sharps rifles, Davide Pedersoli Sharps rifles, C. Sharps rifles, Davide Pedersoli Rolling Block rifles, and others. This long cartridge is one of the more difficult cartridges to load accurately.

If you strongly prefer smokeless powder loads, swap your .45-120 for a .45-70 or other caliber. This huge case is hard to fill with black powder. Smokeless powder is simply lost in this huge case.

This is the most powerful of the .45 caliber black powder cartridges, perhaps too powerful for best accuracy. You can master this cartridge, and learn to create accurate hand loads, but plan on spending a whole summer, or more, testing loads, making a chamber cast of the chamber, throat, and bore. Test the heavier bullets, at least 480 grains to 550 grains. Try GOEX Fg black powder, Swiss Fg black powder, and GOEX Cartridge grade black powder.

Remember to check case lengths after firing, and trim as needed. Long cases tend to stretch more, especially when new. We offer the Lyman case trimmer that is long enough for this big case.

Made to full length size, decap, neck expand, and seat bullets into your .45-120 (.45 3-1/4") Sharps cartridge cases. Be certain to use a tiny amount of Lyman case lubricant. A dry cartridge case may become permanently stuck in your sizing die. Too much lubricant can cause tiny dents in case walls, not a serious problem.

Be sure to order a shell holder, not included. We recommend #Lyman-Shell-17 or #Lee-Shell-8 shell holder, for this member of the 45-70 family of cartridges.

We do not have a "magic formula" to instantly make every .45-120 accurate. Every rifle requires individual testing. But we can help, if you call on us for supplies.
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