Antique Model 1789 Saxony Dragoon Pistol,
.69 caliber, 10-3/4" barrel,
flintlock, walnut, brass, captured steel rod
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This model 1789 Saxony Dragoon Pistol is .69 caliber with a 10-3/4" tapered round barrel. Saxony is a Eastern Germanic state surrounding modern day Dresden and was part of what is considered the Holy Roman Empire until 1806. The walnut stock is trimmed in brass furniture. The steel ramrod is captured to prevent loss, which was innovative for the period. The round faced flintlock and barrel have both aged to a mellow gray brown patina. The walnut stock has many small handling marks. The brass furniture has a mellow patina with the exception of the muzzle band, which may be a later addition. The pistol has a captured steel ramrod and the buttcap is fitted with a swivel lanyard to prevent loss in the field by a mounted trooper.

The 10-3/4" barrel is tapered round with a very slight flare at the muzzle. The .695" diameter bore has a frosted appearance with some scattered light pitting, and is in very good condition for a 200+ year old pistol. The exterior of the barrel has aged to a gray brown patina, still smooth to the touch. The breech end of the barrel is stamped with a PS mark, and the top is stamped with a crown oval crossed scepter mark, which is also found on the stock behind and right of the breech plug tang. The barrel is fitted with a brass front sight blade, the tang has a "U" shaped notch formed to provide a basic rear sight.

The flintlock has a single throated flint cock and shaped with a raised border along the lower edges. The pan has a external pan bridle, and features a raised water proof lip - typically only found on higher end flintlocks. . The frizzen face appears to have been resoled lock ago. The tumbler screw is a large domed spanner design. The lock is crisp with secure full cock and half cock notches, and sparks very well.

The grip has a comfortable angle to allow sighting down the barrel. The stock is shaped with raised moldings around the lock panels, tang, and forend. The decoration is typical of European dragoon pistols of the period which are much more highly decorated than dragoon pistols during the Napoleonic War period. The upper right lock panel has a crown oval crossed scepter inspection mark on the stock. The grip is fitted with a rotating swivel on a post, to be attached to a lanyard to prevent loss by mounted troops.

The bottom of the stock has acquired many small handling marks over the last 200+ years. The steel ramrod is captured to the pistol with a swivel yoke with links. The ramrod can be pulled from the stock swiveled over the barrel for use and returned to the stock. This was a very innovative feature of the period. The button end of the ramrod is the same on both ends and either end can be inserted into the stock. A brass band protects the end grain of the stock, this band does not have the same patina as the rest of the pistol and is likely a later replacement.. A flush mounted sideplate is neatly fitted to the side panel to support the two lock bolts.

A nice Model 1789 Saxony Dragoon pistol with captured steel ramrod that shows the European craftsmanship of the late 18th century. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.

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