Antique Howda Pistol,
.62 caliber smoothbore, 7-3/4" barrels,
over under, back action locks,
nickel silver furniture, raised carved walnut
Part Number: AAV-314
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Price: $2,399.00
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This antique Howda pistol is assembled with over under barrels with Damascus twist barrels. The walnut stock has raised and incised carving on the grip. The stock has a repair beneath the lock panel. The triggerguard and buttcap are nickel silver. The butt has a shell shaped door with storage cavity.

The .62 caliber barrels have rough bores with scattered deep pitting. The 7-3/4" double barrels are finished with a Damascus twist. The upper barrel is inlaid with silver at the breech and with Ruban Fin. A small bead front sight is fitted behind the muzzle. The breech end of the barrel has Liege, Belgium proof marks. The right hand side of the pistol has two ramrod pipes to mount the metal ramrod with brass tip.

The walnut stock is raised and incised carved with a foliage design on the grip. The stock has a repaired crack that is visible on both sides of the stock on the lower lock panel. The pistol is trimmed in period German silver furniture. The buttcap has a small trapdoor that is hinged at the rear. The triggerguard has engraving on the bow. The front of the trigger bow is threaded into the triggergplate. Two triggers are fitted, with high leverage. The right hand lock has a replaced hammer and tumbler screw. The right hand hammer easily fires from the halfcock position. The right hand nipple is antique and appears to well battered and frozen. The left hand lock has a replaced tumbler screw. The left hand nipple is a modern replacement. The replacement hammers do not align at the half cock and full cock positions.
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