Timothy Pickering's Tool,
for flint muskets,
the first U. S. issue gun tool,
designed by our first U. S. Quartermaster
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Large size, this tool is made to fit your Brown Bess musket lock, U. S. Springfield musket lock, and the R. E. Davis North West Trade Gun flint lock. Hand forged, ground to fit the lock screws correctly, and tempered, this tool will give a lifetime of service, exactly like the original.

This is a replica of the first U. S. issued gun tool, designed by Timothy Pickering, our first U. S. Quartermaster.

A very useful tool to have on hand, the Pickering musket tool has a large screwdriver head, for tightening the top-jaw screw on your musket or rifle, and a smaller screwdriver head for the lock bolts or any other screws.

The back has a vent pick for cleaning the touch-hole. Small enough to keep in your pocket or possible bag. Hardened and tempered steel, this tool is 4" long. Never use the vent pick as a dowel pin in your top jaw screw hole, else you may bend it.

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