Nipple Wrench for Walker, a special replica designed for Colt .44 Walker & .44 Dragoon revolvers.
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This replica early Colt nipple wrench is made for Colt Walker and Dragoon nipples. Notice the unique goose-neck shape, with screwdriver bit at the end. Well made, with heavy duty construction, of blued steel.

Lubricate your percussion nipple threads with #BC-CTL Choke Tube Lube, and easily remove them, even after hundreds of shots. This special grease is blended with a nickel emulsion, to withstand high temperatures, and prevent thread galling.

Don't use too much torque on revolver nipples. Brute force can bend or break the thin wrench fingers. Made in Italy, by Davide Pedersoli & C. s.n.c.
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