Spirit Level Globe Front Sight, with 12 inserts
Part Number: FS-DP-SPIRIT
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This blued steel globe front sight has a wind gauge knob to allow windage adjustment. It is slotted to accept classic Sharps front sight inserts, included. It will also accept the inserts by C. Sharps, Shiloh, MVA, Smith Enterprise, and other standard thin Sharps globe sight inserts.

Rotate the upper retaining spring to insert one of the twelve sight inserts, included with each sight.

Unlike other popular wind gauge sights, the spirit level is not a separate clip, but is integral with the sight. It cannot be removed. It cannot be lost in the field.

The vial is .197" diameter, filled with oil, the oil is a bit more viscous than used in most other spirit levels, causing the bubble to be more stable. When rotated, the bubble moves slowly.

The complete set of twelve inserts is included with this sight. Made in Italy, by Davide Pedersoli & Company, this sight has a standard 3/8" dovetail base to fit the Pedersoli Sharps and other rifles with standard 3/8" dovetails.

This sight is ideal for an 1874 Sharps rifle by Pedersoli, Aldo Uberti, Pedretti & Sons, ArmiSport, or other single shot or lever action rifles with a 3/8" standard dovetail..This sight will not fit a C. Sharps or Shiloh Sharps with .450" dovetail. This sight will not fit an original antique Sharps rifle with .437" dovetail.

The .375" dovetail base is .098" deep, .570" wide at center. The center of the sight is .625" from the bottom of the dovetail.

Made in Italy, by Davide Pedersoli, the dovetail base is slightly larger than a 3/8" standard dovetail for a snug fit. It will not fit the larger 7/16" slots on Shiloh, C. Sharps, or antique Sharps rifle dovetails.
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